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Ryan Lavelle  Teaching

Teaching experience mainly at the University of Winchester, where Ryan is employed as Senior Lecturer in Medieval History;  Ryan has also taught courses at New York University in London, and the Universities of Southampton and Reading. Main subject specific areas of teaching are as follows:

Battle of MaldonThe Anglo-Saxons

First-year (introductory course), second-year (early Anglo-Saxon kingship), third-year (teaching for Professor Barbara Yorke's special subject on Alfred the Great), and MA level (special subject on Anglo-Saxon Wessex).

Narrative propaganda? Scene from the Old English poem 'The Battle of Maldon' rendered in comic strip format in response to a student comment on Frank Miller's 300 when reading the poem. Click on the image to view an enlarged version (reproduction for educational purposes only; please contact Ryan Lavelle for permission to reproduce)..

The Normans and the Norman Conquest

First-year (case study on Domesday Book), second-year (Normans and their Worlds)
, third-year (special subject on the Norman Conquest), and MA level (special subject on the Duchy of Normandy, c.911-1204).

Franks and Vikings

Second-year module taught on the Carolingian Renaissance; first-year level modules on the Vikings in Europe.